Order Methoxphenidine | buy Methoxphenidine online


buy Methoxphenidine online

Order Methoxphenidine | buy Methoxphenidine online
CAS NO: 127529-46-8
Synonyms: Methoxydiphenidine, 2-MeO-Diphenidine, MXP
Formula: C20H25NO
Purity : ≥ 98 %

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buy Methoxphenidine online

buy Methoxphenidine online | 2-MeO-Diphenidine aka Methoxphenidine, MXP, 2-MeO-Diphenidine and methoxydiphenidine is a diarylethylamine class dissociative. Similar to Diphenidine but allegedly significantly safer to research.

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Buy Methoxphenidine Online. Methoxphenidine is the short name for 1-[1-(2-methoxyphenyl)- 2-phenylethyl]piperidine and is an in-vitro NMDA receptor opponent. It is the 2-methoxy simple of Diphenidine which we as of late propelled and as of now demonstrating prominent. Other understood NMDA receptor adversaries incorporate Ketamine, Methoxetamine, and 4-MeO-PCP.

We have Methoxphenidine/MXP in a top-notch fine white powder shape.

Methoxphenidine (MXP) otherwise known as 1-(1-(2-methoxyphenyl)- 2-phenylmethyl)piperidine otherwise known as 2-MeO-Diphenidine follows up on the dopamine transport as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and as a specific NMDA receptor opponent, practically identical to other NMDA adversaries, for example, Methoxetamine and 4-Meo-PCP. Our Methoxphenidine is affirmed at the most noteworthy review of virtue accessible. This compound should be examined with alert.

Purchase Methoxphenidine Online. Since Methoxetamine and 4-Meo-PCP were restricted there has been a void around there of research, in spite of the fact that not an immediate substitution of either Chemical, Methoxphenidine ought to give comparative outcomes inside lab tests.

Methoxphenidine is probably going to be prevalent with Scientists and specialists who have had past research involvement with Methoxetamine.

Methoxphenidine Powder is sold for research purposes just and isn’t be used for some other purposes, including, yet not constrained to, in vivo indicative purposes, in nourishments, in medications, in restorative gadgets, and additionally beautifiers for people and additionally creatures.

Purchase Methoxphenidine | MXP available to be purchased on the web

You can purchase Methoxphenidine or MXP in classpharma.com in select countries(ex USA, EU, UK, AU, RU..), contingent upon its legitimateness. Our organization is one of the greatest providers in the market of creator medicates in China, we generally provide the best quality items with the best costs.

Preceding requesting, it would be ideal if you verify that you are legitimately prepared for research synthetic substances and that your work zone is very much ventilated.

Purchased Research chemicals and dissociatives from Prototype Chemicals are for laboratory research purposes only, strictly not for human consumption. If you purchase, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction. LabChem is not responsible for the legality of the products in countries of customers.


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