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Name Steatoda paykulliana
Common Name(s) False Black Widow Spider (E), Malmignatte balafrée (F)
Origin Europe
Purity >99%
Form Lyophilized powder
Packaging In vacuum sealed glass vials, in secured parcel.
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Spider venom of Steatoda paykulliana False – Black Widow spider venom

Buy Black Widow spider venom

Common names: False Black Widow spider, European False-Widow spider, European Cobweb spider, Stéatode toxique, Malmignatte balafrée.

Steatoda paykulliana is a spider from the Theridiidae family, a family that also includes Black Widows (Latrodectus genus), with whom it is often confused.

The species Steatoda paykulliana being mistaken for a Latrodectus mactans tredecimguttatus (European Black Widow) due to its resemblance, hence its name “False Black Widow” or its synonym in taxonomy Steatoda latrodectoides. Buy Black Widow spider venom

The geographic range of this theridiid spider extends from southern Europe and the Mediterranean region to central Asia. Buy Black Widow spider venom

For Research Purposes: The venom of Steatoda paykulliana, although less potent than venoms from true Black Widows, contains neurotoxins and causes envenomation called Steatodism.

Taxonomic Classification: Buy Black Widow spider venom

    1. Class: Arachnida
    2. Order: Araneae
    3. Suborder: Araneomorphae
    4. Family: Theridiidae
    5. Subfamily : –
    6. Genus: Steatoda
    7. Species: Steatoda paykulliana
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.


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